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We use the highest quality products in the industry. We take pride in our customer service and continually make it our top priority. Loyalty and integrity is at the basis of what we do and that is something that will be visible in our service and finished product. 

Exceptional Service

We know that your initial contact with AQ Glass will not only address your frameless shower door needs but also give you the satisfaction in knowing that you have finally found someone that can take care of all your frameless shower door needs for years to come.

Turnaround Time

AQ Glass has been installing frameless shower doors in the greater Seattle area for many years. Please call use for a FREE estimate. Our turnaround time is fastest in the area. Our turnaround time is 3 to 5 days from measure to installation.


Professional pride drives us to employ only highly skilled technicians. We wanted to provide frameless shower doors in the Seattle area in a professional and timely manner at the highest quality and the best price.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With High Quality Shower Doors

Transform Your Bathroom with AQ Glass Shower Doors in Seattle & Surrounding Areas

Transforming your bathroom into a stunning oasis is now within reach with AQ Glass’s reliable shower doors Seattle  services. No need to search high and low; we have the perfect shower door options waiting just for you.

As a top-tier custom shower door supplier, AQ Glass offers an extensive collection of shower doors to transform your bathroom into a functional and stylish space. From innovative pivot designs to sleek sliding doors and elegant frameless options, AQ Glass has a wealth of ideas to cater to your specific requirements. Discover something truly special for your bathroom transformation.

Frameless Shower Doors Seattle
custom frameless shower doors in seattle WA

Enhance your Bathroom Look with A Luxury Shower Door in Seattle

It’s widely recognized that a well-designed bathroom can greatly enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your entire home.

AQ Glass understands the art of enhancing your bathroom’s comfort and ambiance. That’s why we provide an extensive range of custom shower doors in Seattle and its surrounding areas, ensuring we have options to suit a variety of preferences.

We offer a wide range of styles to suit your preferences, whether you favor a frameless shower door design or a more traditional framed shower door. Our collection includes:

Discover the Beauty of High-Quality Shower Doors

Selecting a high-quality shower door offers numerous advantages. It acts as a sturdy barrier that effectively contains water, preventing any unwanted splashes onto your bathroom floor and minimizing slip hazards.

Moreover, when it comes to aesthetics, shower doors have the remarkable ability to elevate the overall look of your bathroom. They infuse sophistication and elegance, transforming your bathroom in ways you might not have previously envisioned. Additionally, they enhance privacy and create a cozy, comfortable bathing space.


Testimonials From Our Clients

Bora&Co Construction
Bora&Co Construction@username
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Excellent detail work, very organized, clean, I used Affordable Quality Glass for a few of my jobs. We are always very pleased with the work. Will recommend Ben and his team any time
Mr D.
Mr D.@username
Read More
Everything was perfect, the price, customer service and the job was pretty good. They performed the job fast than the other companies. They know what they are doing.
Scott Heller
Scott Heller@username
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I had a great experience with the AQ team. They nailed everything I was hoping for. The price, they were super professional, and the glass panels and door looks amazing.
Jennifer C
Jennifer C@username
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AQ glass installed a new shower panel and door. They gave a quote right away, measured the space that same week and had it installed about two weeks later. Looks great and nice people to work with.
ADL Floors
ADL Floors@username
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Aq Glass installed a frameless shower door at my house in Woodinville, Wa. On time, great service, and fast service. I recommend Aq Glass.

Why Choose Us?


Our experienced team will engage in a thorough discussion with you to understand your vision, style preferences, and functional requirements. This will allow us to create a customized plan for your frameless shower doors.

Design and Customization

Collaboratively, our team will work closely with you to craft a custom design that not only seamlessly fits your space but also reflects your unique personal taste.


Our skilled craftsmen will expertly install your frameless shower doors, ensuring a precise fit and a secure, functional installation.

Final Touches

We'll add any necessary finishing touches and meticulously inspect the final result, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Get ready to indulge in a truly luxurious showering experience.


FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

Q1. Why should AQ Glass be your first choice to pick unique shower doors?

AQ Glass has been specializing in creating fantastic shower doors to help you find something which perfectly fits your bathroom dimensions.

Q2. How should you maintain and clean frameless shower doors?

Frameless shower doors do not require so much effort in terms of cleaning and maintenance. At least twice, it would help if you cleaned it with mild glass cleaner and a squeegee for an extra shine.

Q3. Is it easy to add a sliding door to a shower?

New sliding glass shower doors can be your first choice because you can easily install them at the weekend. The installation required two people, and you are all done to enjoy it.

Q4. Is frosted shower glass expensive?

The sliding shower doors with textured glass are normally found on different pivoting and frameless options. Frosted or textured glass shower doors are quite a lot of expensive in comparison to clear glass doors.

Q5. What is the suitable size for a corner shower?

The best size for any corner shower is 42 by 42 inches. You’re lucky if you fit this size into your shower space perfectly.

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